Simple tables to ignite innovation. Circular innovation tables may be specified with non-intrusive yet stable leg structures. This is simplicity in its basic form yet injecting a sense of collaboration into brainstorming. Table shapes can vary between a square, round top or elliptical.


Conference/meeting tables are offered in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to respond to any conferencing requirements. Whether the setting is formal or informal, project-based of meeting-based, Mono tables can be selected in a configuration that will accommodate smaller groups of guests, while setting the tone for the task at hand.


Details allow the disclosure of a multidimensional of the thought. Collaboration and creativity by design. Conference room are no longer the single source for collaboration. Productive teamwork often results from impromptu hallway exchanges, casual lounge room chatter, interdepartmental brainstorming seasons, and project room all-nighters.


Perhaps POP – speaks of the importance of a meeting but yet adds a splash of creativity and fun by introducing a range of meeting and collaborative furniture that suggests an informal setting. Together, POP lets people and teams collaborate to develop and share their work more fluidly and spontaneously across the office landscape.



Leaf’s innovative design serves up sleek, seamless looks and powerful, customizable tech. Learn about how we used human-centered design research to create a totally new, totally techforward conference table.


Artic is a new collection of everyday tables, born out of a desire to produce a timeless design. The tables’ simplistic silhouette is constructed using 5 sided profile design components that are carried throughout the range. Upon closer examination of the Artic profile, its unmistakable detail to design is best shown in its vertical members which meet the horizontal structure for an extremely stable and flexible collection of meeting tables which offers 3 distinct top shapes, square, rectangular and round available in varying sizes to accommodate a multitude of purposes.



Xten’s leg profile makes for a beautiful yet purposeful meeting for discussion on serious matters as well as light-hearted collaborative moments. Incorporating the cable management in the centre of the table would make this meeting table complete