It is not just about filling space. There are so many expectations to manage. What is the worth of the worker, the flexibility to accept change, what is the company culture? In the process of designing Blade, we studied the way the office functions, the way the workers work, whilst striking a balance between the furniture and the space. Blade - open plan system functions at many varied levels; it affords privacy, absorbs sound, suspended trays, creating a secondary level above the main work surface. Blade is simple, very direct and the strength lies precisely in the reduction of elements. The concept of flexibility and the ease in which products are reused are vital to the system in which every wire is managed perfectly because tomorrow a new electronic device will be introduce to our working lives. The office environment is constantly evolving and it does not remain constant. Therefore the choice to use a open plan system which anticipates change is crucial in the decision making process to ensure that nothing is unpredictable.


Organically shaped mobile workstations cluster around or nest within 90 degrees configurations providing maximum design flexibility. To facilitate hot-desking and hotelling, the 90 degree workstation is necessary in today’s more creative and collaborative work environment.


Mobilink is a fully flexible open plan system chic was designed with many varied considerations. It typifies what is currently known as the universal pole concept whereby the single pole can be fully utilized in various configurations. The universal pole can be used as an end pole, 2-way, 3-way and 4-way pole, typically applied in a monolithic and tiled open plan system. Inventory is greatly minimized. The wire management system of Mobilink forms the very foundation of this open plan system. The vertical trunking leads the cabling up to the horizontal raceway and power and data cables are then distributed. The wire management capability is generous and allows for large volume of cabling to pass through efficiently. The horizontal raceway can also be sited in 3 positions, namely at ground level, above desktop level as the increasingly more popular third position, which is directly below the desktop level. Mobilink consists of slide in elements such as the horizontal raceway as well as the tile pads chic are available in different finishes. The tile pads can be upholstered in fabric, glaze panels in poly carbonate, acrylic, glass, laminated finished boards to even veneer clad tiles. Magnetic whiteboards can also be incorporated into the overall workstation.